Jeff Kossack

by Jeff Kossack
(Woodland Hills, CA)

Barcelona 2010

Barcelona 2010

Like so many others, music is the thing I turned to when things were sad, happy, whatever... It's where I always expressed the feelings of my life... Heart broken ? Write a song... Afraid of getting old ? same.....

I had a great day job for 30 years, and even tho' it made life comfortable, it was never how I defined myself... Here in L.A., everyone that has a job has something else about which they're far more passionate... It's long been the running joke in movies... "Yes, I'm a bartender, but I'm just finishing my screenplay"... We all know that drill...

I starting writing songs as a kid, played in garage bands thru high school, and in college, teamed up with a songwriting partner, and began recording the songs I'd written. I used to spend long hours in the stairwells of UCLA, playing to no one in particular. Graduated, began my career, got married, had the family, and my first studio... a Tascam multitracker on cassette, the famous 244.., Kept writing, and kept advancing my system through a number of formats, the 1/2 16 track, then a 2 inch Otari MTR-90 withg a DDA console, about 10 feet long...

I resisted digital recording for so long, but once I purchased an LE system, my hulking beasts became covered in dust. Kept improving the system, as my techno-LUST continued to reach new highs...

Along the way, I made a buncha records... I co-wrote Eddie Money's last charting single, Fall in Love Again, which appeared on two of Eddie's records, produced by Randy Jackson of American Idol fame (he was the bass player in JOURNEY up until that time)... I recorded and produced a number of songwriters and bands that went on to become Artist of the Year by the NAS,the National Academy of Songwriters... My own catalog thus far consists of 3 records - The Power of One (1998), This Boy's Life (2006), then a record I recorded and never released (it just sucked sonically), and then HalfLife (2010), my Sistine Chapel, if you will...

I thought I'd never make a better record than that, but as my chops, both recording and writing, improve I believe my best work is ahead of me, and my newest CD, working title April Fool, will be out by summer, driven by an incredible creative burst and new perspective on my music AFTER atending this March's Durango Songwriters Expo, in Santa Ynez... The friendships made there, have yielded a bounty of incredible musicianship that will be evident upon the first listen...

Different directions, alternative tunings... Thank you, Durango ... I've had a great musical life thus far, and the funny thing is, I've really never ben in the music business... In fact, I don't really care very much for the term itself, but it is glorious fun making music... And I'm going wherever it leads me...

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Aug 20, 2013
OtherHand is awesome! NEW
by: Katharine

Jeff -

Thank you for being a great friend and partner in music. I wish great things for you and the 'new' OtherHand Music!


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