J.A.D.E-My Life

by Jade Simons
(Lansdowne, Cape Town, Western Cape)

Lived liked a coward 12years of my life
Hiding behind drugs an household fights
Thinkin' I had to be high to write dope tracks
Ended up behind bars cos of all that.

Now I'm writing bars focused on my raps
Lyrics so tight might have a asthma attack.
Wish I could change my past an relive it again
Then I realize I learnt a valuable lesson.

Movin' forward with less sin; Writing sober listen:
My bars be damn good confidence boosted
Somethings drugs couldn't do. Raps my honey I need it like winnie the pooh.

I was a mess like tomato stew
Had NO true friends"(WHAT?!)" true story obru.
My family an Hayley always knew
The shit I was up to an trouble I'd brew.

So like a man I owned up asked forgiveness(forgive me)
Won't say sorry again this time I wanna SHOW YOU.
I can live my life like you always wanted me to.
So I get on my knees an ask God for help(please help me GOD)

He never left my side, I left his though (sorry) I might still puff trees
But heaven's my witness that's about it.
I vow to quit my shit an get a grip
Fight the demons in my mind (leave me alone)I looked deep inside.
Cause the true JADE I shall find this life is MINE
Always in shit lived a life of crime just to get what's mine.
Stealin' an robbin' alone so that money I wont have to divide(Jy give me your phone).
Fuck that shit gotta put my past behind me
Start a future with Hayley one big happy family.

More than five strikes committed felony
Put the Simons name to shame never serious.
Thought my life's a game, in it for the money fuck the fame.
Now I'm rappin' stackin' my claim to fame.

Reputations don't phase me I just wanna be successful in my game
Don't have haters just a lot of jealous strangers(you know who you are).
One man superhero call me an avenger
You an your homies two-faced like joker.

Rip yo' face off nicholas cage; on another level
My rhyme's makin me come of age, soon to take the stage.
Can't hold me down puffy an mase, no more Badboy
Don't wanna go to jail or end up on Deathrow.

When I sleep I feel like I'm in heaven
wake up an I'm in the same team as the devil(can't have my soul).
Tryin' hard to follow
but this aint twitter.
You gotta follow with your heart, what I'd give for a fresh start.

In studio with rikki remo got creative freedom
To spit what I wanna and get on with my flow.
I'm really bringin out my best, way to lyrical
So into this raps; rappers will get hysterical.

I just wanna motivate the youth an young adults
Live your life, leave substance abuse.
Its not worthit riskin' your life, make your family proud
Stand up achieve greatness an take a bow..

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