by David Cooper
(Conway S.C. USA)

I'm leave'n this crazy town
Got my ole pick up in the wind
Radio up the windows down
Go'n back home to see my kin

Head'n down to Jacksonville
Got Allman Brothers cranked up loud
Lord I was born a ramblin man
I'm on the highway head'n south

Evening sun was sink'n low
Stopped in Knoxville Tennessee
This song came on my radio
As I was pump'n gasoline

Head'n down to Jacksonville
Got Marshall Tucker cranked up loud
Can't you see whoa can't you see
Back on the highway head'n south

Smokey Mountains to the sea
Along the coast of Caroline
Southbound down through Georgia
Cruised into Florida at sunrise

Roll'n in to Jacksonville
Got Lynyrd Skynyrd cranked up loud
Just call me the breeze
Glad to be home in the south

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