J. Norm "Control"

by Anthony Brooks
(Tacoma, WA USA)

J. Norm

J. Norm

J. Norm-Control

Intro- yo, I told myself I wouldn't do it. Y'all made me do it.
They say I'm fire n ice mad n happy at the same time
Simple math in my eyes, don't put 2 n 2 together then ask me what 4 lol


I'm laughing at the state of hip hop and the game
This ain't a rap for relevance, I ain't Cassidy lame
Papoose or mysonne some irrelevant names
This jay elects bombs, now exhibit the flame
All these rappers is wack, always saying they in the trap
The only spot U get thats permanent, is handicap
I'm looking at this sour patch of nigga, candy raps(wraps)
A nerd turned G? Who da fuck gave Mickey Facts?
On how to murder tracks, you ain't no where near hot son
The holy seeds that I spit, had Fred saying GOD SON!
I'm coming for the crown, working on my body count
This J really cole, I ain't letting no body down
Not Nas, not big, not Marcy's very own
Fuck plies, fuck Ross, fuck every weezy clone
I'll clavicle ya bish, while I break her fucking collarbone
Put the hands to her face, cause you left her ass home alone
I got got a head of steam, who think that they can stop me?
If i see you rocking 2 chains, I want em A$AP Rocky
Then charge the inner state...I ain't talking about an alkaline
On instagram and google, you was looking like a single mom
You jr writers funny, yea really had me cracking up
That shit was like a joke, Kevin hart, chocolate droppa stuff
That riff raff shit, make a nigga have to smack him up
I'm bout to milk the game, see a real nigga captain crunch
I never have to ask the people, did they fuckin get it
cause i kno they gonna play this fucka back till they get it
It's sympathetic, these nigga just pathetic
My only brother passed away, i don't need no other brethren
Los had the best verse, I ain't get the message?
Mines better, so if he becoming king, I'm a legend
This my suicide note, in other words its a written death
Ortiz dropped the first response, don't mean it's the fuckin best
Not even Budden or Fiasco, bring a hassle
Shump be jumpin out the gym, but be talkin out his ass hole
I even heard meek millie claim the king of Philly
Are you shitting me? He couldn't shit on me from a chimney
I'm the real mad rapper, I show you how to rap
Snatch Astro out of orbit, putting bars thru a pair on graph
Boston crab leaning back as i rustle up submissions
Put B.O.B. at attention while Im pissin in the 5th dimension
Honorable mentions, is all these other rappers get
I do it!, like Big Sean....but im always showing disrespect
I was a good kid, till I met this mad city
Now Kendrick can't control the animal, that's left in me


Shits intense, how I bomb on ya tents(tense)
Never seen innocence from bodies smoked like in scent
Imminent be the top, im just quoting on violence
You stroking a thin line, like chords of a violin

"I don't smoke crack, muthafucka I sell it"

Then you catch a Gallagher, headed str8 to ya melon
I'm borderline felon, preaching more den da psalms reverend
I seldom respond, r kelly this track got peed on


I came from the bottom, now I'm here in ya fuckin space
Spitting in ya fucking face, shittin on ya syndicates
I made this extra grimey, just to see how hate generates
Ate ya favorite rappers, got a dinner plate of imitates
Of course I'm going off, that's what this song indicates
A bitch don't want no new friends?
Of course a song produced by Drake
I see some contradiction, when you mixing ya lab
song after song its new friends, nigga u collab
See that's the shit that got me really going off
One minute they a thug, next minute niggas tartar sauce
Something fishy, I expose em nigga this is 50
who controlled this shit the hardest u don't have to list me
do it nigga, n ima have to pistol whip you
me compared to them is like a magazine with different issue
I'm the source nigga, all these niggas do is vibe
A cancer mixed with rabies, what the fuck would you prescribe
I'm fucking sick, but nigga dats a different story
yay on his graduation, this shit was for the glory
Yea I'm sick that's a different story
Yay on his graduation this shit was for the glory
you wanted pacifist, here catch a jab for me
Im sonnin all you niggas, then i bust a cap in maury


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