I've Always Loved You

by Varun Chaturvedi
(Mathura , Uttar Pradesh , India)

Verse 1

We Met A While Before.
I Want You Even More.
You Look Familiar , Though I Have Changed.
You Are Not Into Me , For Me Its Still The Same.


Still It Hurts Too Bad,
Still you Make Me Mad,
Still I Feel the Way I Don't Want To,
But I've Always Loved You.

Verse 2

You Went Home Alone,
I'm Waiting For The Phone.
Not This Time , Maybe Next Time ,
I'll Crash Into You ,
And I'll Say What I Wished To.


Still It Comes To Me,
And It's Hard To Believe.
Still I Can't Do What I Want To.
But I've Always Loved You.


Breakdown Those Walls,
Let Us Go.
We Are Falling , And We Don't Know.
Cause It's Amazing To Loose Control.
I Wanna Come Back But I'll Have To Go.


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