It's Never going to Really happen :P

by Jadez

Like Mario, He tries to save princess peach But In Reality hes just going through a bunch of mini-games Link It's going to take a while to grab Zelda by the hand take her back to where you use to stand which probably wont be there anymore. Donkey kong? Like seriously your going through all this just to get Bananas Why even waste your time? These are all things that wont happen in real life. - If this really happened in life-life would be challenge-ing everyday a pain waiting for your prince charming. If this was real you'd probably be dead but thanks to god non-of that exists~ But if it was real my prince Cherris Would come save me and take me by the hand we'd have a marriage with over 1,000 doves but too bad that non-of that exists yet it is such a drag. - Anime You better watch where you're going don't bump into that super cute girl! ey ey Senpai notice me or else everyone will be dead. Romance as all these girls fight over me in this sweet monster school. Why too little everyone thinks we're weird but guess what? I think we are a sweet little couple don't you think? - Non of this actually exists just get over it why not think it would but you know its never going to really happen. Fanfics? Yes please everyday stalkers and perverts read those you better watch out don't yaoi or hentai here did i mention just be aware. Fake stuff Gravity doesn't exist nothing here to see now space is just planets and stars Some stuff doesn't even exist. Non-Non-Why-Not-Non-Non-Why-Not Because in Reality...It's never going to really happen :P And I live in this weird high school called candy-way everything isn't the way i planned everyone is late AND I DON'T HAVE A DATE but what could possibly go wrong? *drops microphone* im out.

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