Issues & Interaction

by Jeffrey Kwakye

Yeah yeah
One time
MillJayy/ End Songs Music

And these days remains the same
The ugly pain
These lady's living in fairy tales and who to blame
I'm really gaga I'm really full with rage man it pain, let it rain, maintain through this wicked ways sustain

Let me hear you say, it Nottwasted
MillJayy go away, go miles away
Bring back the important
Rap like you still important
Of cause you still important
Let em feel like you too important

I'm falling, no trust. You can't trust him
I'm rising. No ceilings, you can't catch me
I'm too back to the Mac. I'm too back to the Mic
And I ain't living I put that on my Life
On My Momma

It not a drama I'm taking time for a while
Don't need no karma
Don't need no bad karma
Your bloody honour

You stole my heart
Now you wanna give it back to me (4X)

Life is not the way it should
I keep falling, I wish I could
Be the same, remain through the pain
Of cause there's better days

These problems are getting weird
And All I sense is fear
We are the problem that cause these problems, disasters
And who cares, if i don't make it there

I'm the next in line, where ever
Put me here, that's why I'm here
Listen attentively you not paying attention
I can see you too clear from the pinnacle I'm living

Yeah I'm still here
There's more to see
Apparently my eyes on the P (Price)
What could be the mystery behind the scenes
You Feel me

Let the be peace
And dream big
You will never know tomorrow
So judge no more

You stole my heart
Now you want to give it back to me

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