Intexicated--copyright 12 12 12

by Don VanHallstra
(Clinton Iowa)

Intexicated 12-12-12 Copy Right Don VanHallstra

Sitting at a stop light,
Lite just turned green,
Car ahead didn't go,
Makes me wanna scream!

Intexicated, holding up the line,
Intexicated, going out of my mind.
Intexicated, stupid people in my world,
Intexicated, stupid young boys and girls!

Walking down the street,
Trying to just be on time,
People ahead walking slow,
Come on people--let's go!


In the shopping mall,
Waiting to check out.
People ahead taking calls,
Up ahead the line stalls.


In the emergency room,
With My life full of doom.
Had to wait for my turn,
Five cell phones in the room.

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