by Douglas Hunter
(Kansas City, Kansas, The United States of America)

Emotions blow violently on the low side of me
Keeping it all built up is so tiring
So, this is my own diary
My notes spidery, it shows I am the lone survivor
My soul’s fiery, my whole life I’ll be golden
A cold fighter, these are my lyrics so don’t go pirating
You go crying from a sole sight of me
And you haven’t even seen this whole side of me!
Beats and lyrics, no one co-piloting
When they hear it there’ll be no signing me!
10 bars in and you’re so tired of me
There’ll be mo’ violence’ if you go tryin’ me!
I’m a leader, but I can’t promise no tyranny!
There better be no inquiries, then I will be
Pissed rightfully, and you will see this side of me
I will not fail and there will be no misguiding me!

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