infinite laws of undefined

by siddharth

above all the things that were meant to swallow
are stuck in an emblem of refrained knees
pounce on some melody and the rhythm of whine
the rhapsody of living that still goes by
wrap up the notions and the names too
once in a while was chores of merry in bloom
knock the door today with new molecules on bell
taste the liberty of that is ghetto to sail
come up, go down, to the left is a view of yellow
wind up with the sneeze which could bless for a shallow
tonight could be the darkness of some gloomy summer
spoken are the words that are still to undress a whore
jovial to the thoughts and those tiny odds
covered is the blank with nothing to understand
tales of luscious priest and migrated pillow
once upon a time footsteps were wet by some shadow
so tore apart the leaves of a beam
sniffing the most of thirst in a kind
still with an effort towards the scars in hand
walking all the way with infinite laws of undefined !!!

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