Inevitable - By: Tounge Twister

by Tounge Twister
(Indianapolis, IN)

the love of my life took my heart like a crime. i wanna stay loyal together through hustle and grind. make you my bride. make you feel alive, all high as a kite. youre my ride or die. even if were forever i still feel shy with butterflies, i wanna be your gentleman yeah im that kind of guy. i thank god im alive, cause with you i have the better life babe


when im not with you i always feel blue, but our love together makes it all true. before loving you my eyes had no clue. that the hate wasn't true. i was always gloom, sad l
locked in my room, writing these lyrics for what was true. but with you mu heart took limits i never ever, never knew.
i write these in the studio and with my crew. look some can say love ain't real or its all a myth but i know you're my god's gift. lets take a cruse live like we should and ima always keep you in a better mood, but just know my lyrics are for you are true, without love i knew cause I love you boo, hah.


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