In the D

by Zachary Strickland
(Detroit MI USA)

Yo Yo Yo let me spit
Wake up look at facebook
See a bunch of bullshit

A whole lot of niggas
try to tell me which way the wind blows
but they aint seen the view outside my windows

Wake up in the morning inside the D
Look outside
It appears to be
a motherf&*kin warzone inside the D

We tried to file bankruptcy
(In the D)
Governement has no money
(In the D)
Got no money for you and me
(In the D)

Denied in a city that tried
so hard, so long
(In the D)
So loyal, so strong
(In the D)
Treated you and me
like a weak ass G
(In the D)

but they forgot
that there's a nigga like me
(In the D)
and they gonna see the evil side of me
(In the D)

There's more to me, and more to my city

It's about to go down...


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