by Ambient Vale

I’m trapped in here, without you,
For many days, I’ve gone without food,
The chains wrapped around my wrists,
Are heating, and getting a stronger grip,
There’s something about the way this place feels,
I can hear the inmates below me squeal,

Release me!,
Release me!,
I can’t bear the ache within me!,
Break my chains!,
Release me from my chamber, you may!,

Not another night,
Stuck in here with nothing but my life to lose,
I’ve already lost it all,
Just let me loose,
Let me loose!,
I’ve watched through the keyhole,
I’ve found I need more,
More than this,
There’s more to live for than this!,
And I’ve stared into the devil’s face,
As he stared back into mine,

Set me free,
Can’t you see?,
I’m desperate,
As I rot in here, I grow more desperate for air,
Let me loose, this isn’t fair,
Or give me a noose, it’s so unfair!,
So unfair!,
Oh no, it’s so unfair!

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