Immoral Reign (killuminati pt2 freestyle)

by Stefan OJacare

I flow like a beast I'm a gator in the river
Bars soaked in gas is all that I deliver
My words stay loaded with my tongue on the trigger
And each day my ego gets bigger and bigger

I don't f*&k with you
So I bid you adeau
Stirring up some beef like I been cooking stew
You're too simplistic
My mind is intrinsic
You said you took charge well I guess I musta missed it
ill from the Idiotic "hit and miss" shit

Worldwide issues no longer the focus
Only some rich guy in overpriced forces
With chains so low trying to get noticed
They're brainwashing and you don't even know dis (notice)

So I set the standard for becoming a legend
A prospect thats static illmatic higher than heaven
Fixing your souls because they screamed and beckoned
Hopefully I help you think
So your pain is lessened

Give me the strength to outreach and teach you valuable lessons
So that when inside you're dying I provide a blessing
We all feel screwed with a want for vengeance
But without discretion your obsession can lead to your depression

I've been through the worst I've seen the devil himself
He told me the deal and walked me through hell
Souls scorched alive Former shells of themselves
So I said I'm keeping my soul and go fuck yourself.

How can most talent just be shunned aside?
Most people sit by and just let it slide
Seems like the real stuffs all dried out and died
That's why hard headedness will help me survive
And I'll bring back the genre and keep it alive

Step by step climbing ladders to success
I did for myself, I'm not trying to impress
I'm the conscious of all the intellectually suppressed
So you need to step aside cause my time is up next

Outro (x2)
Within the last year I've lost two parts of my heart
So with only a third left I give myself a fresh start
If this last part tries to break its gonna be hard
My body's sitting right here but my minds out far
And if I die before I reach you look for me among the stars.

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