I'm sorry but whatever

by YsterG

I'm sorry
for saying sorry
I'm stupid
It's all my fault
Done with fucking Cupid
Our love tastes like its fuckin salt
I know I've got problems
And their problems I don't want
forgiveness is far from your heart
Do you remember the start
Always texting I miss you
Now you texting fuck you
I'm done with all your bullshit
Seems like I'm the only one that you mad with
And I'm no longer talking mad with love
I'm talking mad with hate
Remember When we used to snuggle till it was late
Don't believe me check your history
We had something that ain't no mystery
Lately you don't even put smiley faces next to your glads
You say I don't understand you then how did I know you we're mads
I remember you used to say you weren't like other girls chemically imbalanced
That you didn't care that I was young and inexperienced
When ask you if your upset cause I know you want me to
You tell me you need your space so I try to give it to you
I text you here and there to make sure your alright apologize once more then you scream goodnight
Our relationship ended on a misunderstanding
Telling me that I'm stupid and that I'm freaking annoying
When all I did was be myself
try to cheer you up but you put me on the shelf
I know what made you hate me it was dumb
So I said I was dumb
You agreed then threw up your thumb
You come up with more excuses
I'm just tired
I'm on my period
Im antisocial
I wanna focus on school not trying to be multimodal
I know it's a lie
And I know why
So I just try flowers and chocolates
Sensitivity and tried tickets
I apologized and looked at from your point of view
But no matter what your still angry
And that's why I'm done with you

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