im not perfect but i am limited edition

by Shelbie

im only 17, so many things i havent seen, things i havent done in life, things i think i just might, so tired of fighting but not gonna give up, been laying here thinking maybe i should sit up, get out and go do, after all the future is coming to, life is changing, people still blaming, leaving, but the right ones are staying, never straying, always there for you, they know your past and everything youve done, always loving and seeing how far youve come, keep up with the ones thats there till the end, those are the ones, the rest of your life youll spend, the one you can trully call your bestfriend, the one you trully love, the one you know was sent from above, that you can count on, and rely, to always be there by your side, thru the easy times and the hard, may this person not be very far, things are going to be rough, but the love between has to be enough, but why is it tht when im really trying something goes wrong and i feel like dying? Jus when i think things are gonna be okay and might work out life f*ck$ up and im filled wth doubt, yet again and theres no way to win, im so close to my breaking point to jus f*ckn breaking down but seems no one is going to be around, as much as i wont to im not gonna go back to my old ways only bc to you that promise was made,. Yeah
b!t€h you dnt kno me so dnt judge me and none of these mother f*ckrs kno the real me, the shelbie the girl thts not girly, but yet you wanna hate me? B!t€h please!! No sleep yet again it happens all the time and when they ask how im doing i always say fine, knowing its a f*ckn lie, but im done lying f*ck this theres no more denying, im not the happiest girl, i have plenty of imperfections but why the h3ll are you investigating, what? You a detective? You sure as h3ll dnt care so when i break down and cry dnt stare actn like you feel srry for me, h3llllllll nah i aint gonna believe. Bc you dnt kno me or what ive been thru so next time you pretend to care im puttn my middles up and screamin f*ck you!!!

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Jun 15, 2013
The Profanity Ridden Article NEW
by: Anonymous

To the author.

Please keep your article and have it ready to show to your children once you are married and have a family.
Make sure you put it on an A4 sheet and have it laminated so that it will last a lifetime.Guard it carefully wherever your travels take you.

Frame it and put it up on the wall in your lounge,in the Family home you eventually set up,

It will be an everlasting reminder to you as to what you once were and have now changed to become, and are displaying it to set an example as to how you want your own children "NOT TO THINK, SPEAK, OR BEHAVE LIKE".


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