Im In Power

by Muhammad Rapper

People don’t know me yet
too much power i’ll make u regret
stole all that money babe ur in debt
girl i'll be smoking my cigarette
Waitin for you,
Nah i'm leaving on my jet
ya’ll yeah i know u upset

Not much ima do
in power and u know its true

those boys being like me
Fuck them break their knee
Break their heads with a guarantee
Then I see those fags trying to flee
Grab my AK boi there dead,
throw em in the sea

Yesterday some wannabes came
They say 1v1 u cant even aim
30-0 dang thats a shame
put my face in the hall of fame

I'm just too good
Niggas understood?
run away in the woods
i'll be on my way to the hoods

make that money rain
own them private planes
chasin me on that broken train
Damm u stupid and insane

I'm a man
Send ur girl to Japan
send her on that shitty van
She ain't gonna scream she's my fan
Met her in the park,
where the story began
Bought her a 4-door sedan
kissed me till I turned tan

Hell yea
Hell yea
Bought that mercedes C-Class
Girls look at it, shake thier ass

Hell no, Hell no

Yeah I'm the man
Have lot of fans
Money in my right hand
Power in my left hand
People don't understand
Have my own land
Where I command
Where I demand

I don't give a shit
Just too lit
gold throne where I sit
I'm rich, had to admit
My power is legit
C’mon i deserve it
I shoot 720 and it hit
Power i have little too bit

Tryin to give me a L,

Always throw it back
Now u have a whole stack
It's like an attack
know u keep it in ur backpack
L is something I lack
W is in my rack
It's my favorite snack

U think im done?
Hell nah i just begun
Shoot like And 1
Never lost always won
Hotter than the sun
18 bitches i outrun
I need more 18’s not fun
kill those niggas for once
Tryin to kill me for months

I got my power
Own those huge towers
Where money showers
weed for a whole hour
Giving girls flowers
Too overpowered!
Block those cowards

I got my sniper
Girls look at it and get hyper
U try to steal my girls
boi u be still wearing that diaper
My body hotter than fire
Pussy is what my body requires
That girl came but i never denied her
My body yea something everyone admire

Turn my girls into a herd
Kill u without a word
Stop actin like a nerd
Lookin like a fucked up bird
Shit in ur face occurred
U Feelin unsecured?

F u

I hear you talkin shit
Suicide u wanna commit
21 niggas i beat up legit
You’ll be next and u know it
Chasin me down thats some shit
And i know u hate to admit
U and ur pussy yea, better quit

Copyright © 2017 Muhammad Saria, Mahir Mannan, Muaz Ali
All rights reserved

Mexican Rap Publishing

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