If You Were Any Better, If I Were Any Better

by Justin

If you were any better I’d run to you so fast and you’d never need to hide the dark

The dark

If I were any better I’d stop telling my self these lies

but i’m not, no you’re not

I have these walls that I put I keep them there so I can always hide the fact that I can’t stand to lose anyone again

I can’t bear to see anyone leave me again so I won’t let anyone in cause it’s who I am

Who you are

Call me ignorant, selfish, and hateful I don’t really care cause I know that I am wrong

So wrong

I’ll keep these walls here so you can never find the piece of me that i’m scared to show

all in my mind, can I rewind?

If you were any better I would stay here by your side but you’re not

No you’re not

And if I were any better i’d be the person you need, to grow old and die but I can’t

No I can’t

If you think you’re any better you’re probably right cause I can’t make up my mind

Long nights

Long nights and they get better right? with time wounds heal is the mindset I got to go by? tell me why?

But you can’t, cause you’re wrong

If I were any better i’d leave and say goodbye cause this is truly the last time i’ll tell my self that I don’t need to hide that side, the dark

If you were any better I’d believe you and coming run and I wish, yeah I dream.

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