by Rachel tapia
(phoenix az)

If I RULED THE world.it will be a new revolution.
Cuz you pimps is digging right into an execution. Some absolution.what is this?you call this prostitution.nigga's shuttin like king of the crop.
Bag hoes.flipflop,she ain't cuttin it.look at her toes.dirty,ain't even purty,here to endice with her best flirty.give me a price.
Ism come so demanding.with no understanding.is the bitch yours.why you forever branding.Romeo pimp.WOW.as big as yo ring.with out you a hoe.you'd look janky without that blingbling.
Romeo Romeo.if i ruled the world.my star and my trophy.a day at the slots.see me classy ching ching.this ism wouldnt get told.for curtain. Our children wouldnt get sold.I'd be stacking that gold.women would RULE.you pimps would drule.what's wrong with you bitches.you like being there fool.no disrespect to those gaming oldschool.but you young,pussy all sprung.is you a pimp or is you a dealer.ball after ball.is you trying to be one of the steelers.thinking you slick big balls small dick.I'm confused.is you the trick.get you a lady.these kids is marking you shady.you got a bank roll.dont make you a man if you had to take the word daddy play paddy waddy.down the kiddiestroll.here come gorilla.with young Priscilla. If she had a choice it would be in third person just get if over with.go on and killa.exit fee.what bout yo registration fee.when i i met you.dear GOD.maybe its fate.6hours later im catching a date.this is yo hell.GOD held my hand when i fell.hes my king.ill walk through his gate.ask for foregiveness.GOD LOVES YOU.its not to late.

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