If I Could Afford To

by Kyle Chandler
(Vero Beach, Fl USA 32960)

Verse 1
Again, My girl is yelling.
I pissed her so far off to another dimension.
But I'm listening.
She's right here in my ear, like it's her mission
To constantly bring up the things she forgot to mention
Bout my life, that I'm lacking. Like
"I don't get enough attention.
We do way too much dine - in.
And when's the last time you even
Took me to the movies? I need more jewelry, sex, and money.
And where is my diamond already?"
Man, I can't even get in my own bed,
Without her biting off my head,
Leaving me bleeding all over.
This was way better in the beginning,
Things were different, I'm seeing.
I was capable and she was content,
But now each conversation ends with resent.
I fear that she's gonna end up dead,
And me in prison.
I should just run away; retreat,
But I'm weak, and I'd miss her.
So I bottle these emotions,
'TIl I explode, my brains splatter.
I would go out and be on my own, if I could afford to,
But even then, where would I begin?

Verse 2
Today, my boss is being extra annoying.
I clock in, now he starts roaring,
"Today's not the day to be boring,
And I don't need any lip, or words sounding
Like you are judging my authority."
On top of that, I got no sleep;
Running on fumes, but still standing.
And he had the nerves to ask me,
"Why is that my problem? You see,
Around here, there's only one working philosophy:
Me saying, and you doing."
So I drifted
Further away from this conversation,
But he pulled me back in,
He had an omission.
"Everything around here should be shiny,
So when you're not working
On this list and resting,
Get to shining."
And still I listen.
I can't just walk away man.
I need some kind of money coming in.
I need this job, I got bills man.
I could do without the tension,
Or, for that matter, any bad attention.
If I could leave, then
I already would have man,
But I'll be here 'til the end.
This is one hell of a humbling
Poor man's experience.

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