I want somebody like you by james cook

by james cook

I wanna get to know
Like You

I wanna know
all about

somebody like You

Like the rain I wanna
shower you
An Like spring I wanna bring
flowers to you
I want somebody like you
I 'm so Into you
Somebody Like you
Your something to look
forward too
with somebody like you
I wanna put you in
the mood....
an Girl
take you
Back to School an
Teach you
the way
Lovers Do

Just I wanna
lay with somebody like you
We can Play whole night through
with somebody Like you
I wanna wake up to
somebody Like
a Love thats true with
Somebody Like You
Some body to come Home too
Somebody Like you
God only made one of you
You for me an I for You
I wanna Love somebody Like You

I wanna spend my last days with you
With Somebody like You
There's no Love that comes close to you
Somebody like you

I "LLSeacher the whole world for
somebody like

I'LL stand in Line an wait for you somebody like you

I"ll walk for thousand Miles for somebody like
I'll go through fire for somebody
like You
Your Love takes me higher
I want somebody like you
Your my Number One Supplier
I want Somebody like you
Your My Sexual desire
I want Somebody like You
You Got me singing with Choir
I want somebody like you

Put yourself in my shoes
If I"m with you how can I lose
How can I get with you
I wanna be the man that you come
running too
when you feeling blue
you make me feel So brand new
Somebody like you
I See my self in whole new view
How can I live without you
you can make my dreams come true
Just Say I Do LOve YoU
Somebody Like you

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