I Seen By James Cook

by james cook

I seen
Going up the wire
I seen buyers become King Pins
Suppliers trying to retire before they time expire
Looking for new ways to get higher
I seen snitches singing like Mariah in
Gospel choir with passion an desire
I seen smoke so strong
It could make man choke
I seen rich man go broke
Off of kilo a Coke
I seen lifers
Hanging from
A rope I seen
Young bucks
Dropping the
Soap with no
More hope
I seen loco's
Killing there own
Fokes over dope
I seen
Through a
I seen
Down in
A cell
Asking God for the bail
Walking on nails Days moving
Like a snails
Through egg shells
I seen
Life like
I seen the light
Through a
I seen
Satan rollin the
Dice with 25
To life
I seen
Wrong become
I seen
Overcome the
Like it was
Written in
Black an white
I seen Blind have
Sight I seen the
Fein's running
Through the
I seen broken
Dreams hopes
An schemes tears
Of running streams
Hustlers cream
By any means
I seen OG's
Become Crack
They walk they
An when
They talk they mumble an when
They lean they fumble they
On street looking for rumble they
Had pride but now they are humble
I seen
Five precenters
On there dean
Saleing Bean
Pies an
Whip Cream
I seen
D-Boys rollin'
Clean supplying
Colombian coffee
Beans I seen the
American Dream
On a 100 inch flat
Screen I seen
The poor sleeping
Outside of a church
Door I seen the rich
Wanting more I seen
A thug robbing liquor stores
I seen a Mexican whore
On all fours trying to make it
Across shore
I seen Good become
Bad an Bad Become Ugly
I seen friends become enemies
My niggas wanna get rid of me like
Heaven was meant for me
From ghottoes of low
Class soceity with no opportunity
For minority you have n't Seen
The best of me an you haven't seen
The rest of me like you playing chess with
Me I light your ass up like christmas tree
You don't wanna mess with me I
The wise men become keen an Spoken words
Become foreseen into once dream
I seen

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