I Need You

by tyree
(philadelphia pa )

Damn i found a love that is soo perfect one that im sure is meant to be she feels my thoughts with her love she brings warmth to my heart peace and joy i dont want to say goodbye to the other half of me when you pull me close when you wrap your arms around me you make me feel like we were meant to be together girl i really love you dont chu ever leave when im around you im soo relieve dont you ever go without you im soo lost. let me open up your doors and roll down the windows show them other girls your mine we got to let them know
You was fucking with them other niggas who was wasting your time they wasn't your type now i got you and you and got me lets stunt together and pay the crowd no mind if a girl with me better know shes on fleek from her head to her feet hop in the whip play my music you the shit independent got your own thats the way i like her hope she dont ever go
See i ain't got time for the b.s so dont play games with my feelings ik u hurt deep inside i can feel it when we hug i can see it in your eyes when we kiss we both missing a piece of our heart i believe yours the perfect fit for mines i dont want everybody else goals i want my own they can't see behind closed blind let me open them up so they can watch you shine bright like a diamond in the spotlight...im going to let them know that i need you all the other irreverent shit is meaniful them dark days gone come and go we gone share the times where we cry and when we laugh as long as you by my side i dont need nobody else. lets take a ride one hand on the steering wheel the other is in between your thighs nobody gets you wetter than me nobody treats you better than whatever you want you can have pussy so good imma have leftovers tonight let me kiss you on your neck whisper something freaky in your ear she dont say nothing all she do is smile and say all you got to do is hit me up and pick me up she soo damn beautiful like a rose in the garden shine some light and she will start to bloom but make her mad and she gone show her true colors thats the real her as long as we being honest i will always want and need her by myside in my life forever no matter what

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