I go dab

by Ovie Joseph
(Warri, Delta State, Nigeria )

I Go Dab by JaNiO..

(verse 1)
For ur mercies wey dey cover me I hail
For the love wey you dey show me I salute
Na so you carry me tru life journey for back
And you say you'll never leave me you no lie
Yes na true
You be the best thing wey don happen for my life
You be my family and friends all in one
You be my beginning na u still be my ending
For ur goodness and mercies wey dey follow me I twalley
You dey my front you dey my back I never walk alone
For prosperities and long life wey you give me I'll shout...

I go dab ooo
To baba God ooo
I go bow ooo
And worship him ooo
I go scream ooo
This God too much ooo
I go rejoice ooo
He not dey fail ooo

Oya dab
If oluwa na ur God
Oya dab dab
To tell him baba dupe
Oya dab
If know you're a winner
Oya dab dab
To say chineke-Imela
Oya dab
In humble adoration
Oya dab dab
To say Oghene Migwo
Oya dab
If He don do am for you
Oya dab dab
To give him all the glory..

I go dab oooo..
Join me dab oooo..

(verse 2)
I go talk
Even though my voice nor too loud
I go speak
For the good things wey u dey do Lord I shueh..
You lift me up I'm never coming down
I testify
All the banks alert you send me an confirm
All the riches wey you promise me na real
You be my solid solid rock I'm never gonna fall
You sent ur angels to guide me I'll never be afraid
For the good life and happiness you guarantee I sing...
(back to chorus)

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