I bet you never knew

by Kitty

I bet you never saw me scream
I bet you never knew I was so independent
You only saw the fake me
the one that you call sweet
I hide in the dark waiting to be found
but you just past me by.
Now I'm opening up but your just closing me back in
I guess you never really cared enough
to make an effort
so now I'm here and telling you
I bet you never knew I like to dance when I'm alone
I bet you never knew that
when I'm bored I just stair out the window
You think you knew me but you weren't even close.
So there is no reason to hide now
I'm free to be me
I'm coming out of the shadows and taking the hits
because I bet they never knew I was tough
I bet they can't even imagine my true self
so you can throw the insults all you want
but you will never know the true me

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