I Believe In Me - By: BabyRane

by Pavan
(United States)

Me, I Believe in me
I'm always there for me
It took some time to see
All I really need is me
No friends or family
Cause I am meant to be
I'm livin' happily
All I need is me

(Verse 1)
Everybody's always acting like they know me inside out
They scrutinize my every move, without a single doubt
I'm tired of depending on others making my decisions
I'm capable of defending myself, don't need your supervision
You say you're my best friend, who you trying to fool?
You give me the slip wit your friends then lie about it, that's cool
Which is why I never hang about with too many crowds
Cause I know deep inside that I'm probably the realest one around
I remember when we were besties back in 05
When we had problems we would strive, to keep our friendship alive
Now, when I look back to you from the past to the present,
What happened to the one who I once called my best friend?
You only liked me when no one else was around
and when your friends were around, you would kick me to the ground
and then What? You wanted me to cry on your shoulder,
So you could turn around and laugh about it when it was over?


(Verse 2)
Take a look at me, then take a look at yourself
I always did what you did, but you never felt what I felt
You had my support for the things that you did
But when I needed your help, I got your pathetic excuses instead
When you told me secrets, I promised not to tell a soul
But when I told you mind, you went and spread it to the world
and then, you expected me to do your dirty work
While you sit back, relax and enjoy your dessert
You love it when I cry, you love watching me struggle
You just love to know that my paradise has got trouble
The only problem I ever had was you in my life
How could I have ever thought you and I were alike?
Your hypnosis no longer had the same effects on me
Got your leash off my neck, now I can finally breathe
And, as I dry these salty tears from my eyes
I'ma keep walking through the rain, and keep my head up high


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