I am new at this,and I'm thinking I'm on a roll.......

by Steve Phelps

I am 59 years old,name is Steve Phelps.I have been a singer/guitar player for 47 years.This songwriting part of me didnt make itself known until 2011,when I went through an unwanted divorce and back surgery at the same time.All my time sitting around recuperating opened the door,I guess,to songwriting for me.So far,I have five songs finished,I entered my song'Our Dogs gave us Fleas For Christmas' in a Christmas 2013 songwriting contest,I won third place in an international songwriting contest.Part of my prize is my song demoed and put on itunes and Amazon for sale this year at Christmastime.
Another song of mine,'Welcome home to the House of the Lord',is my own personal look into what may happen with me after I die.It includes references to family,Jesus,a hand made flattop guitar,and my four-legged furry friends.It is a very emotional song,every time I perform it,it makes folks cry.That is a very powerful thing,in my opinion.

Another song of mine,'Clancy's Song/Play Me Home',is about a good friend of mine I met at Church who is dying,and when his time comes,wants me there to 'play him home' to heaven.....

My song 'Our dogs gave us Fleas for Christmas' is a lighthearted look at involving our beloved family member pets in the Christmas celebration.I figured it this way:If 'Grandma got run over by a Reindeer' can make such a huge hit,I might as well see what happens,too.The fact that this song won third place in INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION,tells me it must have impressed them, and this song was my FIRST ATTEMPT at songwriting and entering it in a contest,wow!!!!!

Another song of mine,'Mr.Elephant stole my Peanuts',has a message in it against bullying,and seeking revenge against bullies, it may turn out worse for the one seeking the revenge.It is geared toward younger folks.

I have to tell y'all,the future is looking great-WHO KNOWS????Maybe my 'Dogs' song will be as big a hit as the 'Grandma gettin hit by a reindeer' song...Time will tell.Either way,I have many more ideas for songs,and I shall keep on keepin on!!!!! Steve Phelps

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