How It All Started

by Keyonna Ross
(Blue Springs)

My names is Keyonna Ross, and here's how my songwriting started:
I started writing songs at the age of 4. I've been listening to all types of music--country, hip-hop, rap, pop--you name it. I actually started out writing re-mixes to some of my favorite artists' songs. Then, I later realized, that if I could create re-mixes to other people's music, I could also make my own....possibly. So, I tried that, and I made my first song. I don't have all of my old songs, just a couple. I've organized my work in a notebook so that I can keep it for later need. The one I posted was, like most of my music, a love song. "U THERE" is about how I got my first broken heart during the summer of 2011. Just recently, I experienced my second broken heart. I'm thinking I should write another song....maybe one called "THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL," which will be about how you think you've found that someone special, but then you realize that it's just annother jerk. When it's done, I might post it on this ah-mazing website, if you don't mind. Not only do I write music, I love to sing, I'm good at it, too. I have a bit of stage fright, but once I perform in my school's talent show after Spring Break, it will all be gone. I have a bit of advice for those songwriters who creativity hasn't yet been spotted: well, first, I've got to say this: aside from actually writing the songs, I think the best accomplishment so far is being able to share my work with the rest of society. Advice: if you have something that is is unique, whether that's a talent, or even just the clothes you wear, don't be afraid to let your star shine!! For those of you who are songwriters, don't ever stop writing!! It's not only been my dream to submit one of my songs online, but it's also been my even longer dream to be a singer. What about you? Just don't stop dreaming!! Have you ever heard this? Even if you have, I'm going to say it anyway: Never give up on your dreams...If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again!! Peace out!

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