How I Discovered My Gifts (Songwriting)

by Irene Blanche Porter
(Ridgecrest, CA)

I have been singing every since I can remember. I began writing songs in 1986 after I had an injury. I received injuries all over my body, including a concussion and I was told brain injury. I was in so much agony mentally and physically. I really though about ending my life. I couldn't do that because that was against my christain teaching.

Suddenly I began receiving these very inspiring spiritual songs. It was as if someone was feeding these songs to my brain. Each song came with the melody. I didn't have to worry about forgetting them. They just stayed in my head later I would record them on my casette player. I later went into a studio and made an album.

The first one included seven songs called "Thanks for the Loan". The cd was recorded in 2000 I called it "Have Mercy on the Children". All the songs are Christain/Gospel. They are about life issues. I also discovered my gift to write poetry and a short play. I'm an independent singer songwriter and publisher of my works. Prior to the injury I knew nothing about music except singing. All of these were gifts from God. I'm now writing my first book entitled "My Life and Gifts."

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