Hopeless Hopes (Prod.Xave)

by Tyler Falzone

Hopeless Hopes (Prod. Xave)


{Verse 1:}

Theirs just
Some things that we can't get out
Some feelings we care about
And some people just don't understand
The things we think about
On the dark days when it pours
And the rain never seems to go away
On the bright days
We just sit back and we pray
Because we don't know any other way
We don't know how to be happy
All we ever did was sit around and be unhappy
We reflect on the decisions we have made
And we wonder what would of happened if we did it a different way
I'm speaking about everybody
I've been in this type of pain
And I've seen the mark it's made
Leaving people in a state which
Causes them to sacrifice
Leaving everyone else in a daze
We crumble and when we think it's shaping back into play
The world falls apart and we fall along with it's games
Seeing evil is nothing new
Just something we have to get through
People are evil that's why we keep running away
Never trust an enemy
Never give your live up
Because the devil would love to come and play
Show everybody who counted you out
That you have something to offer That no one seemed to care about
Because the only way the world cares
Is if you have something nobody has ever seen before
That's why souls get snatched so often
That's why we bury people so often
Because if we have a special skill
Then everybody else starts to spill
And the next thing you know
Your lying in the coffin with nothing but an empty pocket full of hopes
And life goes on above you
Somebody else is next and you can't help it
You sit and sit and no matter what you do
Nobody has the answer
And times ticking
The next victim is already wicked
Right before you turn away
And say your final goodbyes
He looks at you with pain in his eyes
As he sits down and says goodbye
A small prayer
And they lower you down
This is what society has turned us into today

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Aug 21, 2014
Amazing NEW
by: Anonymous

That was such an inspiring song! Would love to here more!

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