HOOLIGAN - HOO LEE (Freestyle)


Aye my nigga Stacks said I look like Bruce Lee man. I think Ima go with that image from now on man since Im kicking yall niggas ass on this rap shit anyway.. Hoo Lee! Hehe Aye

Hooligan: Verse

I got Bruce Wayne and Bruce Lee inside my dna/ I got bars in my blood cells but yet you see Im free today/ 4 44s on standby and I ain't speaking Jay/ I done reached a level I dont think that its gon be ok/ for you pretenders, keyboard typing niggas/ suckers, haters but yall duckers/ bitches cheating I dont trust ya/ wasnt golden you was mustard/ Better off being yoself/ never will I ever fall needing no help/ before the summer came I was seeing yall melt/ you getting no plays catchin dust on a shelf/ Im the one wit the gifts what I need wit you elfs/ Triple-H Hooli Ill bleed for the belt/ but Im fit for the crown and yall needing some health cause Im kickin you now, kickin you now aye/ I pull out the nunchucks my flow feel like good luck/ Im on the way to greatness wit some hood niggas yall just hood stuck/ sagging pants I tellem pull up/ get your weight up do some pull ups/ they say wait up my bars pulled up/ lil baby boy wear yo pull ups/ They want me humble so ill be quiet/ but ill rumble with the jolly green giant/ niggas hate me but speak in private/ nah fuck you im on a get green diet/ Im grinding more everyday/ and I got art dealers on the way/ nothing surprised me about drake/ cause I saw fake love in my face/ uh, New legend need a monument/ its amazing all that time I spent/ tryna be the man that I already am what Im finding is Im all kinds of lit/ it aint bout how high you get/ cause in that case ill kindly sit where god invents/ every flow is like I dive in vents/ They see im the one... thats eye-vious/ Snapping on em call me Hoo Lee/ Im a legend never ask who he/ ah man I wanna go Bruce Lee ah! Wanna go Bruce Lee Ah!

Hooligan: Verse 2]

Ah.. uh

Tell me what happened/ Im the one why you fucks started rapping/ I should make yall niggas call me captain then crunch on your whole life cause you started acting/ snapping your necks for my satisfaction/ all this talk about how yall niggas be trapping/ but I die of laughter cause that brain you trapped in/ this is Vince Carter playing on the raptors/ dunk up on ya then make you pick the ball up after/ nah let me... let me stop man... album on the way man haha

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