Hold on

by Tristan Maybee
(Ottawa, ON. Canada)

So tell me
How do you feel
You gave it your all
And you still fell
Laying on the floor
Knowing you failed
Nothing can make this better
You know nothing can

Now you're thinking of a way out
The thought of death brings you a smile
It seems like the only way out
But there has to be a better way

Screaming at yourself inside your head
Driving yourself to the point of insanity
There's no light at the end of this tunnel
There's no point of being alive

Sure Your breathing
Your hearts beating
But you don't feel like your living
Now you have to believe in me
Take my hand
I can help you
I've been there before
Just listen to these words
Please just listen

I've been through thick and thin
Hanging on to what felt like threads
It feels like it never ends
It seems so easy to throw it all away
Thinking of ways to end it all
And when you know you've finally hit rock bottom
You have to understand things get better
They have to get better
You can do this, even on your own
Just let it all out
Never let go
I can throw you the rope
Just please hold on
Please hold on

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