Hit Songwriter Bios—Barry DeVorzon

Note from The Expo: Years ago (maybe 30!) I was playing music in Gainesville Florida. I did some gigs with a multi-talented guy named David Merrill and while we were warming up, during a break, he took to the piano (he was playing sax with me) and started playing a very beautiful, plaintive melody that I had heard but didn't know what it was. He didn't know the name of it either, just that he had learned it from a popular soap opera called The Young and the Restless. I never thought any more about it but it quickly became ubiquitous on the radio as "Nadia's Theme." Fast forward a few decades and I am involved in the Durango Songwriters Expo. This year [Boulder 2010] we are very honored to have the composer of "Nadia's Theme," Barry DeVorzon, as a special industry guest. Like so many super talented people, Barry has accomplised far more than even this hugely successful composition. Not only has he authored many hits and many very famous theme songs, he is the main force behind the excellent and widely-used songwriting tool known as MasterWriter. DON'T MISS this opportunity to meet Barry, hear his story, have him hear YOUR songs (he is an EXPERT film and TV music composer), and learn more about MasterWriter, maybe just the thing you need to become all that you want to be as a songwriter (and the newest MasterWriter versions are also for screenwriters and authors!). —mrJack

From SongwriterUniverse:

Barry DeVorzon

Veteran songwriter & composer Barry DeVorzon has had a remarkable career spanning nearly 50 years in the music industry. Although he’s probably best known for writing the classic, instrumental hits “Nadia’s Theme” and “Theme From S.W.A.T,” he’s had many other notable achievements, as a songwriter (both in pop and country music), as a composer of major films and TV shows, as a recording artist, and as a record producer, music publisher and A&R executive. He has won a Grammy award, six Emmy awards, and was nominated for an Oscar. And most recently, DeVorzon has created a pioneering, new software program for songwriters, called MasterWriter.

The breadth and scope of DeVorzon’s career has truly been impressive. Back in the late ‘50s, he wrote his first hit, “Just Married” for Marty Robbins, which reached #1 on the country charts. Then in the early ‘60s, DeVorzon launched his label Valiant Records, and produced hits for the Cascades (“Rhythm Of The Rain”), Shelby Flint (“Angel On My Shoulder”), Johnny Burnette (“Dreamin’”), Dorsey Burnette (“Hey Little One”), and his own group Barry & The Tamerlanes (“I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight”). He also started a successful publishing company named Tamerlane Music....

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