Highgrade Og - T.i.s.s


i'm guessing, yourr guessing buh your guess full of shit
cos by the time you're done reading this you'd say "binkes such a dick"
last time i called someone shady was eminem yo!
so wen the nemesis hit, you let your enemies go

it was a moment for life, i don't mind sharing it tho
punchlines hit u like period buh this ain't that feminine flow
treated to hatred and love, now its all memories bro
things that i did back at school, y'all won't believe em you know

its cool, i remember man pine was a hit.
had like a million views, my whole life was screwed; got humiliated for it.
Kennedy kept thinking, like how TF we get into this?
told him "well Charles is a Dick"
more of the son of a Dam

well that poo past like all the girls i crushed on then
since we all out, i'd let y'all in on some of them
Magaret, her body the perfect circumference
fantasies of fvcking her while she strapped to some blue long bench
yeah she my type, tried to tell her my D sweet like rite
buh she alright with Nkatie

u mean the peanut guy?
i also had a crush on you know who
buh Best was faster, i closed the chapter
next on Ruth
shhh! always wanted to spend some racks on you
Awatt Bassey, super classy, u the best gan
well Idara Idung, i kinda put the flex on you
buh we ain't no more, i never really put the ex on you
Abigail, sassy buh you only gave Yomi that juice
i think its only fair if a niggur also got some too
Esther Frank to be frank, Damn your shape just cool
how cud i forget to mention you
like redoxx was pretty lucky thats if you ask me
Emediong, we should have made a song thats sweet
and Emah, you shud have been the one
thats all that i can remember right now
i'm just being honest ain't trying to sound perverted rn
i'm guessing, you're guessing but your guess full o poo
by the time your done reading this you'd be like "Binke, nobody wants to know all this shit"

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