Help me god

by Jennie
(Ireland )

I sat there in the Corner of the room , sitting there in silence . Didn't know what to do ! I was scared out my life ... I was scared of what you about to do .. I just wanted to scream and cry ... Why why ... This is not right

How could you do this to me , this is evil can't you not see .... God is staring down on you ... Telling you what to do ... But you don't listen ... Ya ... You don't listen .. Oh no no no ... But you don't listen ..Ohhh ya

I'm still sitting there ..: with you ... Screaming in my ear ear and my pulling hair ... Im in pain ... But don't let it out ... I wanna scream and shout ... But I .. Yes I .. But iii ... Keep it in

U call me names ... I'm worthless and a freak mean the world me ... But I'm nothing to you ... Just your little doll ... That u can throw around ... That u can put me down ... To the ground

U call me names ... Tell me that I'm insane ... That I will never be good anouf ... But guess what you ain't so tough

U can push me around and through ground ... You can scream and shout and let it all out .. But I don't care .. I know that god is watching me .. He'll always be here

I'm sick of crying , Inside I'm dying .. But outside I'm smiling ... I can't hold it in anymore ... I just wna tell everyone and let it out the door

U can hit me can punch me you can through me to the ground .. I'm sick of saying nothing .. Never making a sound ... But guess what you ain't so though ... Guess what I've had annnooouuufff

Now I'm cutting and it's all your fault .,. Ur little angel is dead inside from all this assault .. I dnt belong here anymore ... So come god help me god help me good .. I can't deal with this anymore

I'm sick of you calling me fat ! Can't we just put an end to that ?? Sick of watching what I eat .. I can't stand it no more no more no more

Don't you no what uve done ... Don't u no that it's not fun ... I wish the sun would finally come out and wash away the rain ... Hope it stays that way ...

Btw I'm sorry if this is shit ... It's my first song so please don't judge ... This song means a lot .. It took me like 5 minutes to write .. All my emotions just spurted out

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