Hellos and Morning afters interlude

by K.C.
(Detroit ,Michigan USA)

Who's this I'm sleeping next to
I watched her find her clothes strap on her shoes and right before she left she turned around
Say what you rushing for
Had to play it cool
Cause I'm thinkin to myself
I meant to bring her bestfriend back to the room
She meant to to be with my best man
After a couple drinks I think we could switched up this is a one night stand we should've both sat out
If your here with me and I'm here with you where's the ones were looking for
Girl won't you take me to your bestfriend the one with the black dress and the red heels I remember because she let me get a feel
Her silky skin in that satin dress there's no mistaken I forgot her name
Isn't that a shame
But her lipstick shade is imprinted on my brain and that flower bomb that she wore while singing along to the song
She even told me partnextdoor turns her on
Told me Persian rugs was her favorite song
After reminiscing on this all I looked her up and down I saw the satin dress I saw the red heels, lipstick on my collar
Even heard that fateful song
Bi**h you look so much better with your make up on

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