hay girl

by keith Allen Borden
(cedar rapids Iowa)

Hook=that girl she hot hot hot that girl she fly and she mine to the end of time o baby so bad that girl she hot hot hot that girl so fine and she means everything to me she the angel of my dreams she fly. Verse1. Hay girl you look a little lonely if you let me I can be your one and only let me take you by the hand put a ring on your finger let me be your man. Hay girl please put it on me raging bull yah me so horny and slowly take off your pants yah back that kitty up and let me slap that ass hay girl you got me feeling dizzy drunk on love other girls i see are history you got me high as a Georgia pine everybody looking at her like dam she fly.......hook....
Verse 2. Hay boo I love to have met you I love you and I'll do what i got to too show you that I'm the man that'll make your dreams come true girl just take a chance hay girl look what your doing to me puppy love like a kid in elementary and my god girl your one of a kind more cakes than little Debbie baby you blowing my mind hay girl you understand what I've been threw you make me feel like a real man suppose to no drama no lies or games and that look on her face when she screams my name

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