by Bree
(South Carolina)

your smile wakes me in the morning
your skin brushes gently on my skin
your eyes show all of your secrets
secrets that were never meant to give
but you and me we stand together piece by piece
and you and me we sing in perfect harmony.

As the day began I see your face and think
of that happy place, Your voice blends in with mine
and I know that your always on my mind. So we stand against the world
and face all the challenges we had to overcome,..
We are one , a bond that cant be unbroken or undone. So we stand piece by piece and we sing in perfect harmony.

The day is ending and so are we, we faced a challenge and have much more to see. This isn't the end where you and I will be. The next day awaits us and I cant wait to see. i just cant wait to see...

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