by Romancia Kingston


There's something inside me that burns on the inside......There's something inside me shining out and I just can't hide.....

It make me say Hallelujah.....haaaaaaaa It makes me say Hallelujah haaaaaa

Take every part,part of my heart...Take every part..part of my soul.....Take everything that shouldn't be where it is I need youuu..to take control

You make me say Ha-ha-ha Hallelujah Hallelujah You make me say Ha-ha-ha Hallelujah...Hallelujah....Hallelujah

Lord I come before you a sinner like me with broken pieces where they are not be

Lord I come before you emptying myself I no longer need these thing on my shelf

Clean up my counter, clean up my life ...Lord its you who can make it right...Clean up my false lord clean up my mind... yh I'm asking you to make it right and I say

ha-ha-ha Hallelujah Halleluja
you make me say ha-ha-ha Hallelujah Hallelujah.....

Hallelujah is the highest praise so to you I reign..My praise I said my praise (yh)

There is no one who can free me, take care of me like you (Like you) There's no one who thinks of me (Lord) and love me the way that you do ..so I sing your praise oh lord

yes I sing your praise oh lord
Hallelujah.....ha-ha-ha( Somebody say)
Ha-ha-ha.....Hallelujah you make me say ha-ha-ha Hallelujah, Hallelujah...you make me say ha-ha-ha Hallelujah(Hallelujah)

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