Gun Interview - Tired of the stress

by sirfolsom aka Rion Gilliam
(Kingsport TN USA)

Lyrics #1

Turn on that TV put it on ur fave media source
Our insides flying at targets with no remorse
We must practice voodoo and left with a curse
Dont respect our intent just rage when body in a hearse
You see how well banning works in our nation
Morals takes a fuckin backseat and go on vacation
Does he mean that people act with no hesistation
Lies and fake comfort is what consumes your information
Blame it on us and our heart it needs a tum
Never try to seduce us or fuck us we jus never cum
Spit it, shit it,rip that,got shit rapper terms were flowen
Use the term that you like cause my brain aint never frozen
Need 2 help others thaw their shit out
Before more moody versions of us decide to have a title bout
Why dont they get on the news and talk bout our needs
Maybe our magazines watched the wrong episode of Weeds
IS this too much bullshit and absurdly appauling
That our skin rocks chains, 20 inch rims doin stupid balling
Maybe one of our best jams is free falling
Wait a minute just got their txt oh wait thats NWO calling

Why do you blame us
Do you want us to be more famous

Put more laws against us
Make us sit in the back of the bus

We take your shit all the time
Yet none of us in prisons for the crime

You think we make all this mess
Please leave us alone - (WE) are tired of the stress (x2)

Lyrics #2
You got to be shittin me when we spit on innocents
But us in the military are looked at as gents
When its out of country u dont care whose head we dent
We see citizens and lose our cool put em on the cement
Buryin bodies and we never show up to the show remorse
Is that cause were too busy sleeping or braggin on newest golf course
Yeh were coldhearted sorry to admit yeh thats the worse
When we get angry we spontaneously start to burst
You want us gone but we really wanna protect you
But when we are seen on the news its only shown how badly we effect u
This is our apology so next time we will vote to elect you
Going to go practice more voodoo so we can resurrect you
So once again we are so sorry for lack of care its our secret potion
People adopt us give us fancy upgrades before we create all the emotion
Rub our leather rough side with lots of political lotion
We will seek revenge if you put those bans in final motion
Yes we was conceived on the idea of death and power
When it comes down to it we will be needed in the final hour
Events like the temple, colorado,random deaths is not us just like the twin tower
Fear knocks on your door and delivers doom, we promise not to cower
Trying to become domesticated, like a house spouse just cant cook with YOUR flour

Chorus (2x)

Lyrics #3

Rednecks and clueless cowards give us a shit name
But do no forget people do nothing we are the ones who take aim
We attack at will and never sense any defeat
Move to this movement or we will throw up at your feet
We feel like celebrities when you talk about and hate on us
When it comes to the protection needs negativity will put us under the bus
Ill save your life time and time again but you sware im not your friend
Stupidity and lies with the evil ones of us will bring about our end
Were here to make a statement and take out human life for only the wrong
If you feel that way about us then you will only hear one side of the song
You always fail to mention how many we wanna save
Too bad we wont be there when you finally realize its time to be brave
Cheer me on or slander my mother fuckin name we will always be here
When we go out driving you will only make fun of the way we steer
To the feeble minded and even the ones with massive intellect
You show no love for us and never give us the proper respect
Guess that means we are gonna stew and plot for another mass vomit
Cause us being the good guy is as rare as haleys comet

Chorus (?x)

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