by Aswin R Prasad

God,I know you ain't there,
nothing would've happened if u were!
Where were you?,
When i couldn't be brave..
when i couldn't speak up..
when i was left behind..
when i was alone 'n miserable..
where were you?!

God,People speak of you..
things i don't get,
things i don't believe,
things i don't want to!
Great things..
But you were never there for me!
I was the most faithful,
till that day came,
when she was so painful,
When she was cheating on me,
when she was faking it all!
You never came!
You nvere cared!
God! Where were you?!

So,Now what am i left with?
Only with broken pieces...
broken pieces of my heart
and beliefs which i couldn't believe now,
which i couldn't accept!
which i was not ready to accept!
No..I won't! I won't believe!
I believe in KARAMA,
"What you do is what you get"..
And thats all i can take in!!
God!You aren't real!
God!you can never be for me!

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