Give me a chance

by Mohamed zainelaabdin ibrahim

Give me a chance
I might make my birthday candle shine by you
forget my grief. and all that made me forget to to be the knight of your dreams.

first make sure i do not love you,
because i know you do not know me
But "I was crashed into you"
and now and years after the last look to you
I want to say
you was my dream
yes you

I did not know that I will write to you,
I was just grabbed the pencil to live my birthday.
and I asked myself
if i had a one last wish ,would you be my last wish
I do not know .. I'm just sad for my age.

I may write and write to describe how you are
but I do not know where to start
of the eyes or lips
Hands or feet
your perfume or your black eyeliner
or your blue robe that like a bright light as the morning of the feast

if I whisper to you from my room, will you hear me?
I do not know.
you do not want to make me knock the door of your heart
so i allowed myself to knock your eyes through your pictures
may my eyes succeed in making your cold heart dance.

Let me write to you ،words of song where sparrow between the lines
words without rhymes, so as not to be bordered by cities and seas,
let me draw you without you know
While you feel your hair or touch your feet
because "I was crashed into you"

If i knock your door,
will you know me?
will you answer me?
I do not know, but I am afraid to see you as i am afraid of my birthday.
I fear the candles and fear the hearts
I fear the tears and fear that you will not answer me
this is my birthday every year because "I was crashed into you”
so happy birthday to you too.

created by :Mohamed Zainelaabdin Ibrahim
Mobile no:00249912319617

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