Get That Dough

A couple racks for a show and I told Collins schedule it/creeping through the city on the low ducking camera men/lunch at del frescos right across the manderaine/the ones who love me call me humble haters call me arrogant/call it what u want,I do what they don't/so fresh so clean like a 7 tray donk/few accounts overseas I ain't never going broke/I'm laughing to the bank like my driver telling jokes/I get it

Get that dough city on lock/all about the team going to the top/get that dough city on lock/got so many hundreds rubber bands about to pop/

They thought I would never make it/couldn't get the time of day now they send that same day getting naked/slide out pink papers watch I leave that pussy vacant/3 k's in the Krib is a young nigga racist/mile high running shit like my name Terrell Davis/now it's 30 for a verse ain't no way I'm taking payments/book ya shows through casinos ent like we in Vegas/place your bets watch I kill my whole set where my check/fuck is next headed to a private island stepping off a private jet/or I can go and hit the studio and get another check

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