Friends of the Expo—Colorado Music Association

The Colorado Music Association ("COMA") began as a project by Dolly Zander to invigorate the Colorado music scene. While the group is still registered with the State of Colorado as the Colorado Music Association, in 2008 the board decided to add a "doing business as" name of Colorado Music Business Organization which not only fit the website of but its acronym could then become "COMBO" which the board better fit the goals and timeliness of the organization.

In January of 1999 Dolly Zander called together a meeting of many important and influential people in the regional music community to form an advisory commitee to the Rocky Mountain Music Association (RMMA). Attending the meeting were such notables as Mark Bliesener (The Band Guru), Dick Weissman (Then head of the the Music Business program at the University of Colorado, Denver), Paul Epstein (Twist and Shout Records), Rob Gordon (What Are Records?) Frank Schultz (The Soiled Dove), Allan Roth (Herman's Hideaway), Matt Need (Then booking the Gothic Theater), Sharon Rawles (Then Manager at Herman's Hideaway) (d. 2008), Dawn Greaney (also of Twist and Shout), Tommy Nahulu (Founder of LMNOP Colorado), David Barber (Commotion Music Promotion, inc) and others. This group began meeting each month at the original Soiled Dove, inviting new people to attend and brainstorming what could be done to improve the Colorado music scene. The COMA mission continues today.

Our good friend Barb Dye is the current president of COMA/COMBO. Learn more.

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