Friends of the Expo—Al Moss Radio Promotions

Al Moss and Kris Kristopherson

Al Moss (L with legendary songwriter Kris Kristopherson) has been an important part of the Expo for many years. Al's friendly and accessible style is always a hit with our attendees...and his listening sessions are always sought out for his vast experience with and understanding of the medium so vitally important to performing artists: Radio. Radio, and even the role radio plays in an artist's career, has changed dramatically in recent years. Al's insights are invaluable to those wanting to use radio to further build their fan base.

About Al Moss

"I started doing radio promotion over 29 years ago for one primary absolute love and passion for the music, and I'm proud to say that all these years later, I still promote music for the same reason. I've worked for both major labels and independent labels, promoted to most radio formats at one time or another, and have worked on my own now for the past 17 years.

"I've been involved with the Americana format from the beginning, 1995 (and a fan of the music for much longer than that), and have seen and helped it grow and plan to continue to do the same. I was the Americana Independent Promoter of the Year for 1999 and am on the founding council and the board of directors of the Americana Music Association." —Al Moss

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