by Colt Nemecek
(New York USA)

What the fuck can I do
when its just me and you
should I just go kamikazi and blow my self up into 2
YOu would like that wouldnt you.
I love how you smile
It been getting me through these days for a little while,
now and days the smile is slowly fades
leaving me sitting in the corner of my room locked in a cage.
This is how you owe me
you can no longer controll me
I gave you my heart and you stommped on it
ran it over and burried the remains aint leaving shit
I dont know what to do in the postion I am in
Maybe I should slowly fade like your smile and keep this shit from
Beth I always love you and always will
Why cant you understand the way I feel
I donated my life and time for you, Nearly died for you
Thats it I had it imma go away mentally for a couple of days
I dont want to deal with you anymore
Why do you treat my love like its your chore
What happen to this trust
Fuck it I had enough
Light me up in flames and blow away the dust
Im boiling and about to bust.
Now im in the ground dropped dead
What are you crying for?
Should of thought about it when you had another guy in your bed
I should of ended it with a sharp edge of a knife
It would be worth it but instead im dealing 45 to life
Locked up in prison
now you can contuine your cheating
This is how you are treating me
you deserve the beating
slowly defeating yourself
DOnt got time for this shit anymore
Police is knocking on my door.
Oh there here now, "GET ON THE FLOOR"
Bye hun its time for me to go now
Ill see you in hell
*gun shots*

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Jul 24, 2015
Nice Man NEW
by: Ben-G

Nice man

Aug 26, 2013
Not bad! NEW
by: Anonymous

Not bad for freestyle ^^

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