Freestyle Dada - Black Slave (Prod. Dze Boss Tunez)

by Freestyle Dada

Freestyle Dada - Black Slave (Prod. Dze Boss Tunez)

This happiness is only what matter

(Verse 1)
I thought niggas hustle hard in the summer
Hide at the back, change the way i fleer cos niggas dying in number
My papa selling noddles, never knew am a dragon warrior
Pie and tyga turned to brown, so nigga do it again

Hide in the trees, with bunch of flies and big bees
Flee from sub zero niggas, nigga i wont be freeze (huh)
I heard that doo-doo and guru taught me how to voodoo
Getting boo-boo catching kudu, zulu am getting loco (hey)

Hey locofoco, i aint got no love for the popo
Am wearing fubu and wash my dirty cloth with my omo
Addicted to fufu, in my homeland we call it fufuu
Lovely dish with mashed plantain with a lot of fugu

And boy you know a nigga never mernt to live
But you fake, and i find peace with Dze
I live to lead, forget the past
You my homeboy, but now am living four shoots in your head

(Hook + Bridge)

(Verse 2)
I had to lie to be a june born, am october
Forgive a nigga and talk about day that a star was born
Illegality am forbidden by being the great
All my faculty seen illegally that am living in

City of mombasa, mufasa am earl jones
Theres no enough of magic in bloodline to forge an instinct
Insight am more aware of your f*&king problem make you incense
And mummy will never know i smoke wee, i light am incense

Marvelous am marvelled with the baroque architecture
So i hail hell, inhale and then hail mary
Holy grail ADI r.i.p, save a place for me in heaven
Am on my T-PEE flow so know i obey the reven

My dreams are shattered, i love this passion,
Putting things to roll with macklemore
Happiness dont matter, bro are you sure
Happiness dont matter, bro are you sure


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