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by Peter Harris

I am not a rapper but I made / thought up these lyrics

by Peter Harris

twitter = techornet

trust is a must

otherwise everything is just a bust

important political decisions should never be rushed

no one needs to protest in this time of unrest

when all that will lead to is another arrest

when instead we can all do what we do best

is help the world when the people are distressed

we all need to elect someone who will respect the people

and make all their decisions very much agree-able

instead of infect and be lethal and cause a lot of evil

the outcomes of this election are not surprising but very unbelievable

when national peace and repair should be something that's achievable

and eventually world peace can be something that's believable.

politics needs to not hypnotize.

all these big bunch of lies and demise

isn't this what we all wish to despie?

when there can be the creation of peace and allies

why can't every bad thing be solved with compromise?

when all the people and the countries of this world can be allies

so open you eyes and don't believe all these lies

why don't we all just become friends and create many allies?

because the best solution is always peace and compromise

revolution is just more pollution

it its not only solution

instead why not try some resolution?

nowhere should there be any more confusion

peace needs to stop seeming like one big illusion

why at all should there be any type of exclusion?

when there should only be more resolution

just like it states plain and clear in the US Constitution.

revolution is just more fightin and war

haven't we all seen enough of it before?

peace and change is what we all need to stand up for

while also help and feed the hungry, the sick, and the poor

then all the fighting would stop from shore to shore.

but that's only just the beginning to so much more.

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