free thought by James Cook 16bars

by james cook

My swags sick, got a chain around my neck,
Ice cold whip, you can tell that im the best,
Diamonds shining cause of the price from my connect,
When I walk the streets they show me respect,
Im that boss, leader and mobster,
If its beef, ill reach for the choppa,
Delete and ill off ya, seen by the doctor,
Im a beast, there’s no reason to watch ya,
Cause the swags so good,
Move Columbian white, got bags in the hood,
Changed from that Peruvian I stashed by the book,
Now im cashed up, and back like I should,
Yeah, I've got a reason to ride,
I do this for my family and proved it in time,
So now it’s hard work so this movement is mine,
So I can build a legacy and leave it behind,

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