Free Palestine

by Kyce

They say words can yell the truth
But pictures can tell the whole story
Killing kids and unarmed people and think you have glory
Look at Palestine its like a f##king horror movie
But they never give up thats what you call truly
The media wants you to believe what they sample look at 911 for example
But f#ck the past lets think about the present
why are all these kids dying is there a god and is there a heaven
If there is im starting to doubt his ability and his power
Cause this war shouldn't last another hour
Palestinian kids starve while we devour
Families getting killed by raining bullets if they didnt already die from hunger
Kids wishing they can eat in peace at there mothers kitchen
When we throw away food cause we dont like whats on our dishes
While they eat off the floor cause there stomach itches
So lets make the best of what we have and take advantage
Cause one day it will have to vanish
They say you dont realize what you have untill you lose it
But when you lose it thats when you find out your f##king foolish
But the truth will find a way
No matter how hard to try to hide it
Its just a matter of time till the world opens up its eye lids
We shall all be equal in each others eyes
But power taking over your f##king minds
So when something comes up on the news We act surprises
Really not caring about who f##king dies
As long as its not not our country we dont get involved
Or if they wont benefit from it all
Israel came with there tanks and their f##king troops airplanes dropping rockets on innocent roofs
But they shut you out when you know the truth
And if you speak up you catch a bullet too

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